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Traction Strap Positioning Aid


An auto-traction device for radiography of the lower cervical spine.

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The RadSafe Traction Strap Positioning Aid is a simple device a patient can use with their legs to exert downward pressure on their arms. This lowers their shoulders for better positioning during spinal imaging. Traction achieves better imaging of the lower cervical spine. This device removes the need for a physician or attendant to expose themselves to unnecessary radiation.

Use the Traction Strap Positioning Aid to sustain traction during shoulder arthrography. The positioning aid can lower the shoulders during therapeutic radiation to the face and neck. Or aid in the evaluation of acromioclavicular joint of the supine patient. The adjustable strap suits different size patients and is constructed from durable materials.

This positioning aid was based on the device outlined in “New Traction Device for Radiography of the Lower Cervical Spine” by Donald Boger and Philip W. Ralls.

Severe injuries to the lower cervical spine may be over-looked when the shoulders obscure this area in the lateral view. This is a familiar clinical problem and generally it is handled by pulling downward on the arms to lower the shoulders (1-5). One of us (D.B.) conceived a simple device with which the patient himself exerts the traction by extending his legs. This innovation has certain advantages.

Traction Strap Positioning Aid

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