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SonoTE™ Transducer Evaluation Phantom


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Optional SonoTE™ Phantom is a low-cost, high-value ultrasound transducer evaluation device. It provides uniformity tests for linear, convex and intracavity transducers.

The Sono TE phantom provides fast ultrasound transducer uniformity testing. Affordable tests for linear, convex and intercavity transducers. Designed for use by Sonographers.

This product includes a 5-year warranty.

Quick and easy transducer evaluation via multiple scanning surfaces.

  • A low cost, high value resource for sonographers
  • Provides affordable uniformity tests for linear, convex and intercavity transducers

The Sono TE Phantom is small and durable; designed to be kept with every ultrasound system.

Shadows or artifacts in the image indicate a problem with one or more transducer elements, while the following image characteristics indicate the transducer is functioning properly:

  • Smooth, homogenous surface
  • Uniform grey scale
  • No targets are visible

Personalise the Sono TE Phantom with your brand. You may select from a range of colors and add your logo.

SonoTE™ Transducer Evaluation Phantom

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