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Scrotal Ultrasound Phantom

Kyoto Kagaku

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Repeated training to acquire skills in safe and painless examination.


  1. Two types of interchangeable scrotums: normal and pathology
  2. Excellent ultrasound image quality
  3. Compatible with any ultrasound system

Ultrasound evaluation of the scrotum is an effective, safe, and painless imaging method to assess male reproductive organs for tumours, inflammation, and trauma, as well as potential causes of infertility. The ultrasound phantom provides sonographers, residents in training, and physicians, with the opportunity for hands-on training with a scrotal phantom using an ultrasound scanner. Interchangeable normal and cancerous phantom inserts provide examples of anatomy and pathology of the male genitalia to simulate a real-time experience.

Normal phantom

Scrotum, testicle, epididymis and penis.

Pathological phantom

Scrotum, testicle, epididymis and penis. Testicular cancer(each one in left and right testis, 10mm dia.).

Training Skills

  1. Patient positioning and preparation for examination
  2. Scrotal ultrasound screening
  3. Visualisation of testicular cancer

Set Includes

  • 1 pelvic body
  • 1 normal scrotum
  • 1 pathological scrotum
  • 1 storage care
  • Instruction manual


  • size: approx. W 34 x D 33 x H 24 cm
  • weight: approx. 6.5 kg

*Specifications are subject to change.

Scrotal Ultrasound Phantom

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