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RapidCHECK Software


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Automate your diagnostic QA with the new software platform from Gammex. Leverage proven QA phantoms from Gammex and a user-friendly software interface from Sun Nuclear to enhance QA quality and consistency.


  • Software that provides a framework for simplifying your clinical workflow
  • Automated solution to process, display and store CT ACR 464 Phantom analysis
  • Generate a complete report of your CT ACR 464 Phantom in seconds
  • Define a baseline with initial scan and evaluate each scan from your defined tolerances


  • Remove subjectivity from your evaluations with evidence-based metrics
  • All images, analysis, trending and data are yours—scans are analyzed and stored locally
  • Easily review prior scans, analyze trends and investigate anomalous results

Initial release includes support for the following CT tests for the CT ACR 464 Phantom:

  • Slice Thickness
  • Slice Offset
  • Noise
  • Air Hounsfield Units (HU)
  • Acrylic HU
  • Bone HU
  • Water HU
  • Polyethylene HU
  • Contrast
  • Low Contrast Detectability
  • Uniformity
  • Geometric Distortion
  • Spatial Resolution

Additional RapidCHECK modules in development

RapidCHECK Software

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