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PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom

Kyoto Kagaku

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PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom is an optimal tool for study in nuclear medicine.


Examination of myocardial density through SPECT imaging

  • Verification of myocardial imaging with use of various RI solution densities
  • Ability to capture defects of the myocardial region
  • Can reproduce image variations of the heart by injecting RI solutions in the liver, kidney and lungs

Examination of RI solution density for simulated tumors

  • Simulated tumors can be inserted into the lung, liver and breast
  • Tumors can be filled with FDG/RI solution into the spheres for evaluation of density, size and placement


  • Quality management of nuclear medicine equipment
  • Myocardial density with SPECT imaging
  • RI solution density for tumor imaging


  • Liver
  • Lung (right/left)
  • Kidney
  • Hot spots (liver, lungs and breast)
  • Heart: Anatomical type (right ventricle, left ventricle and myocardium), Geometric type (left ventricle and myocardium)
  • HU: Bone 370HU, Lung -900HU, Organ shell material 100HU and 1.16g/cm3 in density

Set Includes:

  • 1 thorax body
  • 2 lungs (left and right)
  • 4 hearts
  • 1 liver
  • 2 kidneys
  • 1 rib cage and spine
  • 2 breasts
  • 3 hot spots
  • 1 base
  • several plastic pins
  • 6 supporting bars
  • 4 flat bar rings for base
  • 5 tubes
  • 1 syringe
  • several nuts and bolts
  • 1 water tank
  • manual


  • phantom size: approx. W44xH69.4cm / W17.3xH27.3inch
  • phantom weight: approx. 21kg / 46.2lb
  • when filled with liquid: approx. 37.5kg / 82.6lb

*Specifications are subject to change.

Realizing Education That Inspires Through Manufacturing

Founded in 1891, Kyoto is the world’s only manufacturer of anatomical models, simulators, and imaging phantoms. Made in Kyoto, Japan and trusted in over 60 countries around the world. Passing on cultural heritage through technologies for restoring and replicating cultural assets.

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PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom

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