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MRI Test Magnet

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This Powerful Rare-Earth Handheld Magnet is ideal for Magnetic Resonance Screening/Sites to screen patients and devices for possible ferromagnetic properties prior to entering MRI environments Zones III and IV.

Magnetic Resonance (MR) professionals must be able to screen patients, devices, and implants for possible ferromagnetic properties prior to allowing them to enter clinical and research magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments and magnet rooms (so-called, "Zone III and IV" regions). It has also been proposed that all MR sites have ready access to powerful, more than 1,000 gauss hand held magnets that they can use for such testing purposes. This magnet has been specially designed by experienced clinical and research MR practitioners and leaders in the field of MR safety to meet the needs of busy MR sites. The more than 3,200 gauss magnetic field of the magnet exerts a sufficiently powerful magnetic field to sensitively test even weakly ferromagnetic objects. The magnet itself is composed of a neodymium - a so-called rare earth magnet - that permits it to lose its strength extremely slowly, at a rate of a 1% loss every 100 years. ** Also included is the foam padded case with storage to protect magnet when not in use.

Weight 2 Pounds
Colour Red, Silver Lettering
Magnetic Field Strength Surface strength greater than 3,200 gauss, while remaining at 1,200 gauss approximately 2cm distance from the surface.
Dimensions 3.5" height by 3" width by 5.5" length.
MRI Test Magnet

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