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MAVIG Under Bench Shield UT70


A Modular Lower Body Protection for Multiple Applications

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With the UT70, MAVIG has created a new generation of table mounted shields to offer flexibility with maximum protection.

The modular design of the lower body protection: All components are interchangeable to give you the option to decide what amount of protection is needed and from which side of the table (possible mounting position: left or right).

The new large X-ray protective lower body table shield does not only protect the doctor, but the assistant as well.

An accessory rail has been built into the shield to give the needed space for table and C-Arm controls, as well as other required equipment.

  • Lower body X-ray protection with a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm for all shields/panels
  • Main shield (MS) can be combined individually with additional side shields and upper shields, up to max. 1620 mm width
  • Available for the following table profile rails: 7.7 x 25 mm (GE), 9 x 25 mm (Toshiba/Canon) und 10 x 25 mm (Philips/Siemens)
    • Please notice the minimum length of the table rail of 600 mm for a proper installation of the UT70.
  • Additional front accessory rail to match your table profile rail
  • Optional wall mounts for storage

MAVIG is a German Company, 100% family-owned and owner-managed. They develop and produce mainly in Munich and distribute all over the world. The brand name MAVIG is synonymous for premium quality medical technology and personal protective equipment, as used in in hospitals and medical practice.

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MAVIG Under Bench Shield UT70

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