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Mark-Clear Left and Right Markers

All-Craft Wellman

  • Bright white letters and a contrasting matte color background make the legends easy to read.
  • The solid, thick letters make these legends very legible on x-ray film.
    The precision computer generated placement of each letter makes these markers look more professional.

These markers are backed with vinyl plastic. If you desire aluminum or copper filters, just add “-A” or “-C” to the end of our catalog number. Add “-V” if you desire vertical formatting of the letters.

*We apply Marker Foot™ Tape to the back of these markers. This tape allows the marker to be adhered repeatedly to different locations on the x-ray table or film cassette. Replacement tape is available (Cat. No. LAMF001).

Note: This product is not available in your selected region.
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Legends With hole With marker foot tape Without hole or tape
L FCL001 FCL101 FCL201
R FCR001 FCR101 FCR201
L and R FCP001 FCP101 FCP201
L with one digit FCL002 FCL102 FCL202
R with one digit FCR002 FCR102 FCR202
L with two digits FCL003 FCL103 FCL203
R with two digits FCR003 FCR103 FCR203
L with three digits FCL004 FCL104 FCL204
R with three digits FCR004 FCR104 FCR204
LEFT with one digit FCL012 FCL112 FCL212
RIGHT with one digit FCR012 FCR112 FCR212
LEFT with two digits FCL013 FCL113 FCL213
RIGHT with two digits FCR013 FCR113 FCR213
LEFT with three digits FCL014 FCL114 FCL214
RIGHT with three digits FCR014 FCR114 FCR214

All-Craft Wellman manufactures x-ray markers that clearly, easily, and permanently identify your radiographs. This catalog is designed to help you quickly find what you are looking for among our large variety of high-quality x-ray markers. We will work with you and your x-ray dealer to insure that your order is filled quickly and to your exact specifications. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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Mark-Clear Left and Right Markers

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