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Ferroguard Assure

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Always On. Always Detecting.

High magnetic fields generated by MRI equipment create constant dangers that require diligent attention and refined safety procedures. Ferroguard® is a no-compromise ferromagnetic detector (FMD), designed to protect your patients, staff and valuable imaging technology investment.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Protection.
  • Ferroguard Entry Control is located immediately outside your MRI room door, providing you with clear warning of approaching ferromagnetic risk items.
  • Ferroguard is the only FMD with Visual Early Warning (ViEW™) technology, alerting you to risk items before they reach the door threshold and giving you adequate time to react. The more dangerous the item, the further away from the door you will be alerted.
  • Ferroguard’s secondary audible alarm sounds only if the primary visual alert is ignored and risk items are have been carried to the door threshold.
  • Sensitivity can be varied to suit prevailing conditions and preferred mode of operation.
  • Ferroguard is the only FMD capable of operating optimally when wallmounted immediately outside an outward-opening MRI room door. Mounting an FMD inside the room is too late.
  • Ferroguard’s unique, independent sensor pole design ensures maximum flexibility, accommodating all door and layout configurations.
  • If mobility and ultimate flexibility is your need, Ferroguard Entry Control is also available as a free-standing solution, with 8-hour battery operation and deployment in less than 5-minuntes!

Modes of Operation

The flexibility of Ferroguard® allows users to select their preferred mode of operation based around their perceived risk levels. With variable sensitivity, units can be set to detect both large and small ferrous objects which may be inadvertently brought into the MRI room.

Ferroguard Assure

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