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Arm/Hand Stabilizer Strap


The Arm/Hand Stabilizer Strap is used to stabilize the patient's arm while on the armboard and to protect the skin from injury. SIZE: 25" x 2" x 1/4" (63.5 x 5 x .635 cm)

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Making a Material Difference

Action Products, Inc.was founded in 1970 by Dr. McElroy. His pursuit to develop a pressure relieving material, that would help prevent pressure sores in immobilized patients, has spurred a worldwide revolution in the pressure management industry. In its third generation of family ownership and management, Action has flourished as a global medical company operating in 58 countries.

Akton® Polymer

The key element in our products is an exclusive material called AKTON® Viscoelastic polymer. No one has AKTON polymer but us, and it is a wondrous material. It looks and feels like a gel, but is more body friendly. It does not leak, flow or bottom out. The best part is that it is repairable! The film is tissue equivalent, and together with the polymer, creates the most shear resistant product on the market today.

Since it is reusable, it helps environmentally, economically, and clinically. The perfect package.

Clinical Proof

Read what the medical community has to say about our products: White Papers  These studies prove that AKTON polymer works to reduce the development of pressure sores. We’re proud of that, and our engineers continuously work to improve and expand our product line

We also have a Operating Room Nurse Advice Line, open for you to ask us questions and give you recommendations based on AORN guidelines.

Commitment to Education

Action Products, Inc., over the past 40 years has provided education on the importance of preventing pressure injuries. It is our passion, therefore we have created a free CE(coming soon), in-services to hospitals, sponsoring AORN activities and our company blog.

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Arm/Hand Stabilizer Strap

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